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we are a small crafts studio in New Westminster, BC. we produce original, almost-one-of-a-kind furniture, arts and crafts.

our focus is on furniture that is simply but solidly constructed, decorated in bold colors and patterns. we also make decorative and functional papier mache pieces and refinish furniture and other items.

we try to stick to methods and materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. we don't use chemical solvents to strip pieces of wood, we don't spray paints or varnishes and generally use rather low-tech methods. we also use salvaged and recycled materials when ever possible.

this site will introduce you to the kind of work we do. the pages are loaded with images that will hopefully show how carefully our furniture is contructed and the artwork executed.

please email any questions or comments to or use this feedback form.

NOTE: we do not endorse any of the products/services advertised in the "fun" popups; they just pay for this space